Aircel Chennai 3G Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.29 NA 3 Days 120 MB (3G/2G) Recharge
Rs.36 NA 27 Days 200MB 3G/2G Valid 27 Days Recharge
Rs.37 NA 5 Days 300MB 3G/2G Valid 5 Days Recharge
Rs.42 NA 2 Days 1GB 3G/2G Recharge
Rs.43 NA 7 Days 300MB 3G/2G Valid 7 Days Recharge
Rs.66 NA 27 Days 3GB 3G/2G - 27 days Recharge
Rs.67 NA 10 Days 300 MB (3G/2G) Recharge
Rs.95 NA 28 Days FREE Local Aircel Calls * + Other Local/STD mobile calls@30p/m (* This STV should not be used for any Commercial Activity, in which case the pack will be deactivated without further notice. Also, post 200 mins/day, 30p/min applies. Commercial Activity will mean customers using the said product for calling 100 or more unique callers in a week or 1000 mins in a week) Recharge
Rs.101 NA 10 Days 1GB 3G/2G Recharge
Rs.143 NA 27 Days 1GB 3G/2G Recharge
Rs.163 NA 27 Days 15GB 3G/2G Recharge
Rs.198 NA 27 Days 2.5 GB Recharge
Rs.201 NA 27 Days Daily 1 GB 3G/2G Recharge
Rs.227 NA 27 Days 3GB 3G/2G Recharge
Rs.255 NA 81 Days 5GB 3G/2G Data Recharge
Rs.259 NA 27 Days Daily 1GB 3G/2G + Rs.259 Talk time in Main Account Recharge
Rs.295 NA 27 Days 10GB (5GB day + 5GB Night 12am to 6am) Recharge
Rs.399 NA 27 Days 6GB Day Night +6 GB night Recharge
Rs.495 NA 6 Months 1GB 3G/2G Data per month for 6 months Recharge
Rs.599 NA 30 Days Daily 10 GB 3G/2G Recharge
Rs.999 NA 30 Days Daily 30 GB 3G/2G Recharge