Airtel Andhra Pradesh Full Talktime Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.15 15 1 Day Full Talktime Rs.15 + 2 Local airtel SMS Recharge
Rs.24 24 3 Days Full talktime Rs.24 + 2 LocalAirtel SMS (1 day valid) Recharge
Rs.52 52 5 Days Full Talk time Rs 52 for 5 days + 2 Local A2A SMS for 1 day Recharge
Rs.111 111 12 Days Full talktime Rs 111 for 12 days + 2 Local airtel SMS for 1day Recharge
Rs.250 250 NA Talktime of Rs.250 Recharge
Rs.280 280 NA Talktime of Rs.280 Recharge
Rs.300 300 NA Talktime of Rs.300 Recharge
Rs.306 306 27 Days National Roaming Local & STD outgoing calls@60p/min.+Rs306 talktime for 27 days Recharge
Rs.350 350 NA Talktime of Rs.350 Recharge
Rs.500 500 NA Talktime of Rs.500 Recharge
Rs.550 550 NA Talktime of Rs.550 Recharge
Rs.600 600 NA Talktime of Rs.600 Recharge
Rs.750 750 NA Talktime of Rs.750 Recharge
Rs.770 770 NA Talktime of Rs.770 Recharge
Rs.1000 1000 NA Talktime of Rs.1000 Recharge
Rs.1110 1110 NA Talktime of Rs.1110 Recharge
Rs.1150 1150 NA Full Talktime of RS1150 Recharge
Rs.1200 1200 NA Talktime of Rs.1200 Recharge
Rs.2000 2000 NA Full Talktime of RS2000 Recharge
Rs.4000 4000 NA Full Talktime of RS4000 Recharge
Rs.6000 6000 NA Full Talktime of RS6000 Recharge
Rs.7000 7000 NA Full Talktime of RS7000 Recharge
Rs.8000 8000 NA Full Talktime of RS8000 Recharge
Rs.9000 9000 NA Full Talktime of RS9000 Recharge