Airtel Chennai Talktime Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.10 7.47 NA Talktime of Rs.7.47 Recharge
Rs.20 14.95 NA Talktime of Rs.14.95 Recharge
Rs.25 18.69 28 Days 18.69 Talk time + Tariff at Rack Rate On (Local/STD/LL) calls with 10MB Data Recharge
Rs.30 22.42 NA Talktime of Rs.22.42 Recharge
Rs.35 26.66 28 Days 26.66 Talk time + Tariff at 60p/min On (Local/STD/LL) calls with 100 MB DATA. Recharge
Rs.40 30.90 NA Talktime of Rs.30.90 Recharge
Rs.50 39.37 NA Talktime of Rs.39.37 Recharge
Rs.60 47.85 NA Talktime of Rs.47.85 Recharge
Rs.65 65 28 Days 65 Talk time + Tariff at 60p/min On (Local/STD/LL) calls with 200 MB DATA. Recharge
Rs.70 56.32 NA Talktime of Rs.56.32 Recharge
Rs.80 64.80 NA Talktime of Rs.64.80 Recharge
Rs.90 73.27 NA Talktime of Rs.73.27 Recharge
Rs.95 95 28 Days 95 Talk time + Tariff at 30p/min On (Local/STD/LL) calls with 500 MB DATA. Recharge
Rs.100 81.75 NA Talktime of Rs.81.75 Recharge
Rs.110 100 NA Talktime of Rs.100 Recharge
Rs.120 110 NA Talktime of Rs.110 Recharge
Rs.130 120 NA Talktime of Rs.120 Recharge
Rs.145 145 42 Days Enjoy 145 Talktime with Tariff of 30/min on (Local / STD / LL ) and 1GB Data Recharge
Rs.160 132.59 NA Talktime of Rs.132.59 Recharge
Rs.210 174.97 NA Talktime of Rs.174.97 Recharge
Rs.245 245 84 Days 245 Talk time + Tariff at 30p/min On (Local/STD/LL) calls with 2 GB Data Recharge
Rs.260 217.34 NA Talktime of Rs.217.34 Recharge
Rs.410 344.46 NA Talktime of Rs.344.46 Recharge
Rs.550 463.10 NA Talktime of Rs.463.1 Recharge
Rs.1000 1000 NA 1000 Talk time Recharge
Rs.5000 5000 NA 5000Talk time Recharge