Airtel Full Talktime Recharge Plans Gujarat

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.105 115 5 Days Rs.115 Talktime+1 Night Min For 5 Days Recharge
Rs.110 110 Unlimited Talktime of Rs. 110 Recharge
Rs.150 150 Unlimited Benefit: Talktime of Rs150 Recharge
Rs.200 200 Unlimited Talktime Rs. 200 Recharge
Rs.250 250 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.250 Recharge
Rs.300 315 Unlimited Talktime Rs. 315 Recharge
Rs.496 496 1 Day Rs 496 recharge for 1day, till 12:00 midnight. Unlimited incoming,500 MB data,100SMS/day,100min Local/call to India. For covered countries/tariff Recharge
Rs.500 550 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.550. Recharge
Rs.550 600 Unlimited Talktime of Rs. 600 Recharge
Rs.646 646 1 days Recharge of Rs646 for 1day done. Free benefits : 100Min incoming, 500MB Data, 100SMS/Day, 100Min Loc/Call to India. For covered countries/tariff- www. airtel. in/IR Recharge
Rs.779 779 7 Day Full Talktime Rs779 + Outgoing Call Rs 40/min and Incoming Call Rs 30/min.Applicable only on selected countries and Operators. List attached click here Recharge
Rs.1000 1100 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.1100. Recharge
Rs.1100 1200 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.1200 Recharge
Rs.2000 2200 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.2200 Recharge