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  Airtel Talktime Recharge Plans Karnataka

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.20 15.39 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.15.39 Recharge
Rs.30 23.09 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.23.09 Recharge
Rs.36 28.3 TT Unlimited; SMS 2 Days Talktime of Rs.28.3 (Unlimited validity)+5 LocalAitel to Airtel SMS (valid for 2 days) Recharge
Rs.40 31.78 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.31.78 Recharge
Rs.45 36.13 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.36.13 + 5 Night Airtel to Airtel SMS for 1 Day Recharge
Rs.50 40.48 Unlimited Talktime Rs. 40.48 Recharge
Rs.54 25 90 Days Enjoy FREE Incoming in National Roaming,Local outgoing call at 75ps/min,STD call at Re 1/min for 90 days with Talktime of Rs 25 Recharge
Rs.55 44.83 TT Unlimited; SMS 2 Days Talktime of Rs.44.83 + 5 Local Airtel to Airtel SMS (valid for 2 days) Recharge
Rs.70 57.87 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.57.87 Recharge
Rs.75 62.22 TT Unlimited- SMS 2 Days Talktime of Rs.62.22 + 5 night local Airtel to Airtel SMS(2 Days) Recharge
Rs.100 83.96 Unlimited Talktime Rs. 83.96 Recharge
Rs.110 92.65 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.92.65 Recharge
Rs.120 101.35 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.101.35 Recharge
Rs.150 127.43 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.127.43 Recharge
Rs.200 190 Unlimited Benefit: Talktime of 190 in main account Dial *123# to check balance Recharge
Rs.276 75 28 Days for DATA 1GB 3G/4G and Talktime of Rs.75.** Recharge