Airtel Full Talktime Recharge Plans Punjab

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.50 50 unlimited Talktime Rs.50 Recharge
Rs.55 0 4 days Full talktime in DA for 4 days + 5 A2A SMS for 2 days Recharge
Rs.100 100 unlimited Talktime Rs.100 Recharge
Rs.115 115 10 days Full talktime in DA for 10 days + 5 local Airtel night SMS for 2 days Recharge
Rs.181 181 28 Days Thank you for recharging with Rs181. Enjoy incoming free & OG tariff of 80p/m local & Rs1.15/m STD on roaming Recharge
Rs.200 220 unlimited Talktime Rs.220 Recharge
Rs.306 306 28 Days National Roaming FTT 306 with Roaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min Recharge
Rs.390 390 Unlimited Talktime of Rs390 Recharge
Rs.500 550 Unlimited Talktime Rs.550. Recharge
Rs.649 649 Unlimited Rs649 Full Talktime Recharge
Rs.779 779 7 Days IR Pack with Rs.779 full talktime. Outgoing Rs 40/min and Incoming Rs 30/min. Applicable only on selected countries and Operators. click here Recharge
Rs.1000 1100 Unlimited Talktime Rs.1100. Recharge
Rs.1500 1540 unlimited Rs 1540 main a/c TT Recharge
Rs.2000 2050 unlimited Rs 2050 main a/c TT Recharge
Rs.3000 3075 unlimited Rs 3075 main a/c TT Recharge
Rs.5000 5250 Unlimited Talktime of Rs5250 Recharge