Airtel Full Talktime Recharge Plans Tamilnadu

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.110 110 Unlimited Talktime of Rs. 110 in Main Account Recharge
Rs.150 150 Unlimited Full Talktime 150 Recharge
Rs.200 200 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.200 Recharge
Rs.250 250 unlimited Full Talktime 250 Recharge
Rs.300 300 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.300 Recharge
Rs.350 350 Unlimited Talktime Rs. 350 Recharge
Rs.500 500 Unlimited Talktime of Rs. 500 in Main Account Recharge
Rs.700 700 Unlimited Talktime Rs. 700 Recharge
Rs.779 779 7 Days IR Pack with Rs.779 full talktime. Outgoing Rs 40/min and Incoming Rs 30/min. Applicable only on selected countries and Operators. List attached click here Recharge
Rs.1000 1000 Unlimited Talktime of Rs.1000 Recharge
Rs.1500 1500 Unlimited Main account Talktime of Rs1500 Recharge
Rs.3000 3000 Unlimited Full Talktime of Rs3000 Recharge
Rs.5000 5000 Unlimited Full Talktime of Rs5000 Recharge
Rs.10000 10000 Unlimited Full Talktime of Rs10000 Recharge