7 Tips for Your Next Overnight Bus Journey

Mon, August 14, 2017 / Vinay Reddy G Tips for Overnight Bus Travel - Journey Safety Tips - Reload.in

Tips for Overnight Bus Travel

Overnight bus travel is quite convenient and easy for bus travellers. During the summers it helps escape the heat and its biggest advantage is the savings in time that it guarantees. One can go to office in the morning and head out for a holiday at night. The next day you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for that holiday in your chosen destination. Here, we have some tips that make your overnight bus travel even more easy and fun


1). Stay Safe – First and foremost always research the bus operator who are traveling with. Check out online customer reviews, stories about their employees and adherence to safety standards. Once you have a reliable and trusted bus operator, take other precautions. Keep your valuables safe and close. Tuck them on your chair right behind you or keep them close to your body. If you move out of the bus for a refreshment or rest room break, then make sure to carry them with you. Lastly, if you are not comfortable with the behaviour of a co-passenger, report it to the bus driver and conductor. Get them to change your seats or take other corrective actions.

2). Get Comfortable – Get the accessories that you can’t do without or those that make your travel more comfortable. Bring a travel pillow for that extra comfort or get ear plugs and eye masks for undisturbed peace and quiet so that you can sleep well during the night. Get an extra blanket or jacket to keep you warm during the winters or refreshing wipes to keep you cool during the summers. If you like reading carry a book, if you like music, carry your earphones to make your journey more pleasurable.

3). Drink Water – Always stay hydrated. Carry bottled water with you. Eventhough most bus travel companies will provide water and stop for refreshments on the way, it is still a good idea to carry some water with you once you embark on the journey. You never know what you may come across on the way and its best to stay prepared than go goose-hunting in the night.

4). Carry your Toiletries – The best advantage of an overnight bus journey is that you can sleep uninterrupted throughout the journey and wake up feeling rejuvenated the next day when you reach your destination. However, once you reach your destination, you would like to feel fresh and it’s important that you carry your toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitizer, soap and other toiletries to start your day on a bright note.

5). Take your Medications – If you have motion sickness then take your medicines before starting the journey. Take your anti-allergy medicines and also carry other medicines that you usually take on a daily basis. Also, as a precaution carry some basic medications with you - a pain reliever, cough drops and a medicine for fever like Crocin.

6). Stay Charged – Charge your electronic devices – mobiles, tablets and laptops before starting the journey. This way you can stay connected even while traveling and stay entertained also by reading an ebook or watching a movie on the way.

7). Snack Stack – Keep a snack stack ready with you. Carry things you like to eat – chips and munchies, biscuits, nuts, fruits and dry fruits. These can help take care of your hunger pangs on the way. Most overnight buses have a stop on the way for refreshments but sometimes this may get delayed due to traffic or weather conditions. Having a snack handy at such times provides great relief.