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Tue, April 11, 2017 / Lakshmi D Travel's Checklist - Ultimate Packing List for any Bus Trip

Hans Christian Andersen once said that "To travel is to live." Traveling is a lot of fun and makes life meaningful in many ways. You may travel to meet your relatives, to attend a family function, for work, for education or just for pleasure but each time you travel, you earn a new life experience. Bus travel in particular can be quite enjoyable but there are a couple of things that can help you in making it even more pleasurable. Here's a handy checklist of things to carry while traveling by bus. Trust us, these things will only add to your traveling experience:-

Important Documents - Always carry your important documents and cards. You may need them for identification purposes or for purchasing things:-

  • ID Proof - Carry your ID proofs - passport, driving license, voter ID or Aadhar card
  • Payment Instruments - Carry your PAN card, credit cards or debit cards
  • Travel Insurance -If you have travel insurance documents, then carry them as well
  • Tickets - Carry your bus tickets, train tickets or plane tickets
  • Hotel Reservation Details - Carry proofs of your hotel reservation details, your cab reservation details and itinerary to avoid any last minute confusion
  • Emergency Contact Details - Carry details of your emergency contacts and important addresses.

Clothing and Accessories - Wear comfortable and loose clothing during travel. If possible wear natural fabrics like cotton and silk. These keep your body cool and let your skin breathe. Carry the basics like sunglasses and hats if traveling to hot places, sweaters, and caps if traveling to cold places and umbrellas if traveling during monsoon or to places where rain is expected. It’s always good to know about the weather conditions of your destination city before setting out and packing accordingly. Carry your daily use cosmetics, sunscreen, lip balm, deodorant, combs, sanitizer, soaps, facial tissues, toothpaste, and toothbrush. If kids are traveling with you, carry their diapers, baby powder, water and food items at all times. Carry travel pillows, shawls and wraps, chewing gum and cotton wool to make your long distance journey more comfortable.

Food Items - Carry food items that last longer by nature such as granola bars, chips, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, water, and tissues. Avoid carrying things like pickle that may spill during the journey and spoil your luggage, or items that smell a lot as they may cause discomfort to your fellow passengers.

Medicines - Always carry your essential medicines and multivitamins. Basic medicines like cough drops, inhaler, pain relieving balm, the antiseptic cream may also be carried especially during travel with kids.

Other Items - You should carry the things that interest you as a person. For example, if you like reading books then carry books and magazines. If you like listening to music or watching movies then carry your earphones and laptop. If you are fond of photography then carry your camera, charger, and other camera accessories. Carry a notepad and pen or sketchbook and pencil to jot down anything essential or to doodle during the journey. Carry crossword puzzles, board games or a deck of cards. All these items help avoid boredom during a long journey.

Every journey can be more beautiful if you travel in an organized manner. Just take these essentials along and set out on your next bus journey.