Airtel offers Free Wi-Fi Services on Luxury Buses in Hyderabad

Wed, December 14, 2016 / Uma S Airtel offers Free Wi-Fi Services on Luxury Buses in Hyderabad

Airtel, India’s leading telecommunications services provider partnered with Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) and launching free Wi-Fi to help commuters to stay connected in one of the Hyderabad’s busiest route. 115 Metro luxury AC buses running on busy routes in the city which will be provided complimentary Wi-Fi on Airtel’s 4G network in Hyderabad. The service enables the customers across operators to get complimentary Wi-Fi and enjoy internet services on the go as well for up to 20 minutes per day per unique user. Airtel using its 4G network to mobilize everything that is important to customers and their favorite apps, entertainment and other social networks with best combination of speed and network.

The service is a pilot project which is initially slotted to run for six months. The free Wi-Fi service also has a limit of 20 minutes per day, per user. If the free service gets exceeds, users have the option to purchase 100 MB more with a charge of Rs 25 through online payment methods. The launch of the service complimentary Wi-Fi on-the-go is really a step forward into modernizing the lifestyle of the citizens. 

Airtel Offers Wi-Fi Services on metro Buses in Telangana

Latch on to the Wi-Fi Hotspot in the Bus:

People from Hyderabad with any valid phone number shall enjoy Airtel 4G network for a period of 6 months on 115 Metro luxury buses. There’s nothing technical in clamping onto Airtel’s free Wi-Fi in Hyderabad buses. The process is almost similar to the free Wi-Fi services at railway station in Hyderabad. 

Commuters or users need an Indian mobile number to authenticate the access to the service. The hotspots in the buses shall named Airtel 4G free Wi-Fi. Commuters have to enter their mobile numbers to connect to the service. While connecting, a four digit OTP will be sent to user’s phone number. As soon as it has been entered access for 20 minutes will be enabled. There is also an option to continue after exceeding 20 mins – to avail that user has to purchase 4G data pack costs Rs. 25 like other airtel 4G data packs. So enjoy the complementary WI FI service and stay connected to the world.