BSNL Talktime Recharge Plans Gujarat

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.10 7.7 Unlimited 7.70 Talktime on Topup of Rs.10 Recharge
Rs.30 23.09 Unlimited 23.09 Talktime on topup of Rs.30 Recharge
Rs.40 31.78 Unlimited 31.78 Talktime on topup of Rs.40 Recharge
Rs.50 40.48 Unlimited 40.48 Talktime on topup of Rs.50 Recharge
Rs.54 51 10 days Talk value Rs.51 and 10MB free data Recharge
Rs.55 44.83 NA Talktime 44.83 Recharge
Rs.60 49.17 Unlimited 49.17 Talktime on Topup of Rs.60 Recharge
Rs.70 57.87 NA Talktime 57.87 Recharge
Rs.80 66.57 Unlimited 66.57 Talktime on Topup of Rs.80 Recharge
Rs.90 75.26 Unlimited 75.26 Talktime on topup of Rs.90 Recharge
Rs.100 83.96 Unlimited 83.96 Talktime on Topup of Rs.100 Recharge
Rs.101 101 22 days Talk value Rs.101 and 20MB free data Recharge
Rs.110 92.65 NA Talktime 92.65 Recharge
Rs.111 90 20 Days Usage value Rs 90 and 70 mins free onnet calls for 20 days Recharge
Rs.120 101.35 NA Get talktime Rs.101.35 Recharge
Rs.130 110.04 NA Get talktime Rs.110.04 Recharge
Rs.140 118.74 NA Talktime Rs.118.74 Recharge
Rs.150 127.43 NA Get talktime Rs.127.43 Recharge
Rs.159 0 30 Days Free 20300 Sec Loc or STD calls to any network(On Occasion of Diwali extra 2030 sec from 15.10.2016 to 30.11.2016) Recharge
Rs.160 136.13 NA Full Talk value offer equal to Rs.160 from 23.10.2016 to 30.11.2016 Recharge
Rs.170 144.83 NA Get talktime Rs.144.83 Recharge
Rs.180 153.52 NA Get talktime Rs.153.52 Recharge
Rs.190 162.22 NA Talk value equal to Rs.212 from 26.01.2017 to 31.01.2017. Recharge
Rs.200 170.91 Unlimited 170.91 Talktime on Topup of Rs.200 Recharge
Rs.210 179.61 NA Get talktime Rs.179.61 Recharge
Rs.222 190 40 Days Usage value Rs 190 Recharge
Rs.230 197 NA Get talktime Rs.197 Recharge
Rs.240 205.7 NA Get talktime Rs.205.7 Recharge
Rs.250 214.39 NA Get talktime Rs.214.39 Recharge
Rs.260 223.09 NA Get talktime Rs.223.09 Recharge
Rs.270 231.78 NA Get talktime Rs. 231.78 Recharge
Rs.280 240.48 NA Get talktime Rs.240.48 Recharge
Rs.300 257.87 Unlimited 257.87 Talktime on Topup of Rs.300 Recharge
Rs.310 266.57 NA Get talktime Rs.266.57 Recharge
Rs.320 275.26 NA Get talktime Rs.275.26 Recharge
Rs.330 283.96 NA Get talktime Rs.283.96 Recharge
Rs.340 292.65 NA Get talktime Rs.292.65 Recharge
Rs.350 301.35 NA Get talktime Rs.301.35 Recharge
Rs.360 310.04 NA Get talktime Rs.310.04 Recharge
Rs.370 318.74 NA Get talktime Rs.318.74 Recharge
Rs.380 327.43 NA Get talktime Rs.327.43 Recharge
Rs.400 344.83 NA Get talktime Rs.344.83 Recharge
Rs.410 353.52 NA Get talktime Rs.353.52 Recharge
Rs.420 362.22 NA Get talktime Rs.362.22 Recharge
Rs.430 370.91 NA Get talktime Rs.370.91 Recharge
Rs.440 379.61 NA Get talktime Rs.379.61 Recharge
Rs.450 388.3 NA Get talktime Rs.388.3 Recharge
Rs.460 397 NA Get talktime Rs.397 Recharge
Rs.470 405.7 NA Get talktime Rs.405.7 Recharge
Rs.480 414.39 NA Get talktime Rs.414.39 Recharge
Rs.490 423.09 NA Talktime 423.09 Recharge
Rs.500 431.78 NA Talk value equal to Rs.600 from 13.12.2016 to 15.12.2016 Recharge
Rs.510 440.48 NA Get talktime Rs.440.48 Recharge
Rs.520 449.17 NA Get talktime Rs.449.17 Recharge
Rs.530 457.87 NA Get talktime Rs.457.87 Recharge
Rs.540 466.57 NA Get talktime Rs.466.57 Recharge
Rs.600 518.74 NA Get talktime Rs.518.74 Recharge
Rs.700 605.7 NA Get talktime Rs. 605.7 Recharge
Rs.800 692.65 NA Get talktime Rs.692.65 Recharge
Rs.900 779.61 NA Get talktime Rs.779.61 Recharge
Rs.1000 866.57 Unlimited 866.57 Talktime on Topup of Rs.1000 Recharge
Rs.1200 1040.48 NA Get talktime Rs.1040.48 Recharge
Rs.1300 1127.43 NA Get talktime Rs.1127.43 Recharge
Rs.1400 1214.39 NA Get talktime Rs.1214.39 Recharge
Rs.1500 1301.35 NA Get talktime Rs.1301.35 Recharge
Rs.1600 1388.3 NA Get talktime Rs.1388.3 Recharge
Rs.1700 1475.26 NA Get talktime Rs.1475.26 Recharge
Rs.1800 1562.22 NA Get talktime Rs.1562.22 Recharge
Rs.1900 1649.17 NA Get talktime Rs.1649.17 Recharge