BSNL Talktime Recharge Plans Jammu & Kashmir

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.10 7.7 Unlimited 7.70 Talktime on Topup of Rs.10 Recharge Now
Rs.20 15.39 Unlimited 15.39 Talktime on Topup of Rs.20 Recharge Now
Rs.26 26 4 Days 26 Talktime and 2 min for use in the nights Recharge Now
Rs.30 23.09 Unlimited 23.09 Talktime on topup of Rs.30 Recharge Now
Rs.40 31.78 Unlimited 31.78 Talktime on topup of Rs.40 Recharge Now
Rs.50 40.48 Unlimited 40.48 Talktime on topup of Rs.50 Recharge Now
Rs.100 83.96 Unlimited 83.96 Talktime on Topup of Rs.100 Recharge Now
Rs.110 92.65 Unlimited 92.65 Talktime on topup of Rs.110 Recharge Now
Rs.150 127.43 Unlimited 127.43 Talktime on Topup of Rs.150 Recharge Now
Rs.200 170.91 Unlimited 170.91 Talktime on Topup of Rs.200 Recharge Now
Rs.222 190 40 Days Talktime of Rs 190 and Free 110 Mins local/std calls to BSNL. Recharge Now
Rs.250 214.39 Unlimited 214.39 Talktime on Topup of Rs.250 Recharge Now
Rs.300 257.87 Unlimited 257.87 Talktime on Topup of Rs.300 Recharge Now
Rs.310 266.57 Unlimited 266.57 Talktime on Topup of Rs.310 Recharge Now
Rs.333 280 60 Days Talktime of Rs 280 and 180 Free Min to BSNL numbers. Recharge Now
Rs.500 431.78 Unlimited 431.78 Talktime on Topup of Rs.500 Recharge Now
Rs.550 475.26 Unlimited 475.26 talktime on topup of Rs.550 Recharge Now
Rs.750 649.17 Unlimited 649.17 Talktime on Topup of Rs.750 Recharge Now
Rs.1000 866.57 Unlimited 866.57 Talktime on Topup of Rs.1000 Recharge Now
Rs.1100 953.52 Unlimited 953.52 Talktime on topup of Rs.1100 Recharge Now
Rs.2000 1736.13 Unlimited 1736.13 Talktime on topup of Rs.2000 Recharge Now