BSNL Local Recharge Plans Chhattisgarh

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.42 0 21 Days For Per Sec Plan: a. 1ps/3secs for On-Net voice calls (Local/STD).b. 2ps/3 secs for Off-Net voice calls (Local/STD). Recharge Now
Rs.44 0 25 Days Local calls to any network at 1.4ps per 2 Sec Recharge Now
Rs.45 9 30 Days 300 Minutes Local/STD On-net Night plus Rs.9 Talktime. Recharge Now
Rs.47 0 21 Days Local BSNL calls @ 20ps/min for 21 days Recharge Now
Rs.48 11 30 days Local/STD BSNL voice calls at Night(11PM to 6AM) at Rs0.05 per Min and Rs.11 talk time Recharge Now
Rs.57 0 30 Days 125 min video onnet for 30 days Recharge Now
Rs.61 0 8 Days 5600 Sec Local or STD calls to any network Recharge Now
Rs.65 0 27 Days Local BSNL calls at 15piasa per Min Recharge Now
Rs.69 0 30 Days Local Call to any network at 1 ps per 2 sec Recharge Now
Rs.71 0 28 Days Rs15 usage value plus All local call anynet at 30p per min for 28 days Recharge Now
Rs.82 20 30 Days 800 Minutes Local or STD Onnet Night and Rs.20 usage value Recharge Now
Rs.97 0 90 Days 60 min anynet voice call for 30 days and Reduced call charges to 5 F and F local numbers : Onnet @ 20p/Min and Offnet @ 40p/Min.SMS charges: loc SMS @ 10p/SMS and STD SMS @ 50p/sms for 3 Months Recharge Now
Rs.99 0 28 Days Unlimited Local/STD BSNL to BSNL with 300MB Data Recharge Now
Rs.122 0 75 Days Local any Network calls 1.4ps per 2sec Recharge Now
Rs.125 0 30 Days Free 177 Min Local or STD calls to any network and 200MB data and 100 SMS for 1Month. Recharge Now
Rs.135 0 28 Days 275 min free to any network (Local/STD) Recharge Now
Rs.146 25 30 Days 1800 minutes Local/STD BSNL voice call at Night(11PM to 6AM)and Rs.25 talk time in main account Recharge Now
Rs.159 0 30 Days Free 20300 Sec Loc or STD calls to any network(On Occasion of Diwali extra 2030 sec from 15.10.2016 to 30.11.2016) Recharge Now
Rs.164 0 5 Days Unlimited Local or STD BSNL calls for 5 Days Recharge Now
Rs.209 25 90 Days Local Call Anynet at 1 ps per 2 sec plus Rs.25 Talk time. Recharge Now
Rs.339 0 28 Days Unlimited local/STD BSNL to BSNL/others with 1GB Data Recharge Now
Rs.344 0 24 Days UNLIMITED Local Onnet free Recharge Now
Rs.359 0 60 Days 52000 Seconds Local or STD calls to any network for 2 Months Recharge Now
Rs.395 0 90 Days 1200 minutes local or std calls to any network for 3 Months. Recharge Now
Rs.449 0 84 Days 1400 min Loc or STD calls to any network Recharge Now
Rs.574 0 27 Days Unlimited Local On-net call and 500 Min free Local/STD calls Anynet for 27 days Recharge Now
Rs.699 0 28 Days UNLIMITED LOCAL or STD ONNET CALLS Recharge Now
Rs.894 0 81 Days Unlimited Local or STD BSNL calls Recharge Now
Rs.1494 0 81 Days Unlimited Local BSNL calls and 1500 minutes Local STD Voice calls to any network. Recharge Now