BSNL Orissa Talktime Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.20 14.95 NA (MRP is inclusive of 18% GST). Recharge
Rs.50 39.37 NA 39.37Talktime on topup of Rs.50 Recharge
Rs.55 43.61 NA 43.61 Talktime on topup of Rs.55 Recharge
Rs.71 50 28 Days Local calls to any network at 30p/min and Rs.50 Talktime. Recharge
Rs.90 73.27 Na RS.73.27 Recharge
Rs.95 50 28 Days Main Balance Rs.50 + BSNL calls @10p/min + Other calls @30p/m Recharge
Rs.100 100 NA Full Talk value offer equal to Rs.100 Recharge
Rs.110 90.22 NA 90.22 Recharge
Rs.111 90 20 Days Rs 90 Talktime and 4200 sec talk time to BSNL numbers valid for 20 days Recharge
Rs.150 124.12 NA 124.12 Talktime on Topup of Rs.150 Recharge
Rs.200 200 Unlimited 200 Talktime on Topup of Rs.200 Recharge
Rs.222 190 40 Days Talktime of Rs 190 and 6600sec Talk Time to BSNL Numbers Recharge
Rs.250 208.86 NA 208.6 Talktime on Topup of Rs.250 Recharge
Rs.300 251.24 NA 251.24 Talktime on Topup of Rs.300 Recharge
Rs.330 276.66 NA 276.66Talktime on Topup of Rs.330 Recharge
Rs.350 293.61 NA Talktime Rs 293.61 Recharge
Rs.400 335.98 NA Talktime Rs.335.98 Recharge
Rs.410 344.46 NA Talktime Rs.344.46 Recharge
Rs.440 369.88 NA Talktime Rs.369.88 Recharge
Rs.500 420.73 NA 420.73 Talktime on Topup of Rs.500 Recharge
Rs.550 575 NA Talk value offer equal to Rs575 Recharge
Rs.600 505.47 NA Talktime Rs.505.47 Recharge
Rs.700 590.22 NA Talktime Rs.590.22 Recharge
Rs.800 674.97 NA Talktime Rs 674.97 Recharge
Rs.900 759.71 NA Talktime Rs.759.71 Recharge
Rs.1100 1200 NA Talk value offer equal to Rs1200 Recharge