BSNL Talktime Recharge Plans Tamilnadu

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.10 7.7 Unlimited 7.70 Talktime on Topup of Rs.10 Recharge
Rs.30 23.09 Unlimited 23.09 Talktime on topup of Rs.30 Recharge
Rs.40 31.78 Unlimited 31.78 Talktime on topup of Rs.40 Recharge
Rs.48 22 2 Days Rs22 in Main account + 500MB free and beyond freebies 5paisa/MB from 2-00 hrs to 6-00hrs. Recharge
Rs.50 40.48 Unlimited 40.48 Talktime on topup of Rs.50 Recharge
Rs.55 44.83 Unlimited 44.83 Talktime on topup of Rs.55 Recharge
Rs.60 49.17 Unlimited 49.17 Talktime on Topup of Rs.60 Recharge
Rs.62 35 30 Days Rs35 in Main account + Local and STD on net Re 1/3 min and off net Rs 1.2/3 min for 30 days Recharge
Rs.70 57.87 Unlimited 57.87 Talktime on topup of Rs.70 Recharge
Rs.80 66.57 Unlimited 66.57 Talktime on Topup of Rs.80 Recharge
Rs.90 75.26 Unlimited 75.26 Talktime on topup of Rs.90 Recharge
Rs.100 83.96 Unlimited 83.96 Talktime on Topup of Rs.100 Recharge
Rs.110 92.65 Unlimited 92.65 Talktime on topup of Rs.110 Recharge
Rs.120 101.35 NA Full Talk value offer Rs.120 from 12.01.2017 to 18.01.2017 Recharge
Rs.130 110.04 Unlimited 110.04 Talktime on Topup of Rs.130 Recharge
Rs.140 118.74 Unlimited 118.74 Talktime on Topup of Rs.140 Recharge
Rs.150 127.43 NA Full talk value offer w.e.f 13.04.2016 to 15.04.2016 and 18.04.2016 to 20.04.2016 Recharge
Rs.170 144.83 Unlimited 144.83 Talktime on Topup of Rs.170 Recharge
Rs.180 153.52 Unlimited 153.52 Talktime on Topup of Rs.180 Recharge
Rs.190 162.22 Unlimited 162.22 Talktime on Topup of Rs.190 Recharge
Rs.200 170.91 Unlimited 170.91 Talktime on Topup of Rs.200 Recharge
Rs.210 179.61 Unlimited 179.61 Talktime on Topup of Rs.210 Recharge
Rs.220 188.3 NA Talktime Rs.188.3 Recharge
Rs.230 197 Unlimited 197 Talktime on Topup of Rs.230 Recharge
Rs.240 205.7 Unlimited 205.7 Talktime on Topup of Rs.240 Recharge
Rs.250 214.39 Unlimited 214.39 Talktime on Topup of Rs.250 Recharge
Rs.260 223.09 Unlimited 223.09 Talktime on topup of Rs.260 Recharge
Rs.270 231.78 Unlimited 231.78 Talktime on Topup of Rs.270 Recharge
Rs.280 240.48 Unlimited 240.48 Talktime on Topup of Rs.280 Recharge
Rs.290 249.17 Unlimited 249.17 Talktime on topup of Rs.290 Recharge
Rs.300 257.87 NA Talk value offer equal to Rs. 330 for 3 days w.e.f 28.04.2016 to 30.04.2016 Recharge
Rs.310 266.57 NA Talk value offer Rs.330 from 12.01.2017 to 18.01.2017 Recharge
Rs.320 275.26 Unlimited 275.26 Talktime on Topup of Rs,320 Recharge
Rs.330 283.96 NA Talktime Rs.283.96 Recharge
Rs.340 292.65 NA Talktime Rs.292.65 Recharge
Rs.350 301.35 NA Talktime Rs.301.35 Recharge
Rs.360 310.04 NA Talktime Rs. 310.04 Recharge
Rs.370 318.74 NA Talktime Rs.318.74 Recharge
Rs.380 327.43 NA Talktime Rs.327.43 Recharge
Rs.390 336.13 NA Talktime Rs.336.13 Recharge
Rs.400 344.83 NA Talktime Rs.344.83 Recharge
Rs.410 353.52 NA Talktime Rs.353.52 Recharge
Rs.430 370.91 NA Talktime Rs.370.91 Recharge
Rs.440 379.61 NA Talktime Rs.379.61 Recharge
Rs.450 388.3 NA Talktime Rs.388.3 Recharge
Rs.460 397 NA Talktime Rs.397 Recharge
Rs.470 405.7 NA Talktime Rs.405.7 Recharge
Rs.480 414.39 NA Talktime Rs.414.39 Recharge
Rs.490 423.09 NA Talktime Rs.423.09 Recharge
Rs.500 431.78 NA Talktime Rs.431.78 Recharge
Rs.510 440.48 NA Talktime Rs.440.48 Recharge
Rs.520 449.17 NA Talktime Rs.449.17 Recharge
Rs.530 457.87 NA Talktime Rs.457.87 Recharge
Rs.540 466.57 NA Talktime Rs.466.57 Recharge
Rs.550 475.26 NA Talk value offer equal to Rs. 575 w.e.f 04.04.2016 Recharge
Rs.560 483.96 NA Talktime Rs.483.96 Recharge
Rs.570 492.65 NA Talktime Rs.492.65 Recharge
Rs.580 501.35 NA Talktime Rs.501.35 Recharge
Rs.590 510.04 NA Talktime Rs.510.04 Recharge
Rs.600 518.74 NA Talktime Rs.518.74 Recharge
Rs.610 527.43 NA Talktime Rs.527.43 Recharge
Rs.620 536.13 NA Talktime Rs.536.13 Recharge
Rs.630 544.83 NA Talktime Rs.544.83 Recharge
Rs.640 553.52 NA Talktime Rs.553.52 Recharge
Rs.650 562.22 NA Talktime Rs.562.22 Recharge
Rs.660 570.91 NA Talktime Rs.570.91 Recharge
Rs.680 588.3 NA Talktime Rs.588.3 Recharge
Rs.690 597 NA Talktime Rs.597 Recharge
Rs.700 605.7 NA Talktime Rs.605.7 Recharge
Rs.710 614.39 NA Talktime Rs.614.39 Recharge
Rs.720 623.09 NA Talktime Rs.623.09 Recharge
Rs.730 631.78 NA Talktime Rs.631.78 Recharge
Rs.740 640.48 NA Talktime Rs.640.48 Recharge
Rs.750 649.17 NA Talktime Rs.649.17 Recharge
Rs.760 657.87 NA Talktime Rs.657.87 Recharge
Rs.770 666.57 NA Talktime Rs.666.57 Recharge
Rs.780 675.26 NA Talktime Rs.675.26 Recharge
Rs.790 683.96 NA Talktime Rs.683.96 Recharge
Rs.800 692.65 NA Talktime Rs.692.65 Recharge
Rs.810 701.35 NA Talktime Rs.701.35 Recharge
Rs.820 710.04 NA Talktime Rs.710.04 Recharge
Rs.830 718.74 NA Talktime Rs.718.74 Recharge
Rs.840 727.43 NA Talktime Rs.727.43 Recharge
Rs.850 736.13 NA Talktime Rs.736.13 Recharge
Rs.860 744.83 NA Talktime Rs.744.83 Recharge
Rs.870 753.52 NA Talktime Rs.753.52 Recharge
Rs.880 762.22 NA Talktime Rs.762.22 Recharge
Rs.890 770.91 NA Talk value offer Rs.1000 from 12.01.2017 to 18.01.2017 Recharge
Rs.900 779.61 NA Talktime Rs.779.61 Recharge
Rs.910 788.3 NA Talktime Rs.788.3 Recharge
Rs.920 797 NA Talktime Rs.797 Recharge
Rs.930 805.7 NA Talktime Rs.805.7 Recharge
Rs.940 814.39 NA Talktime Rs.814.39 Recharge
Rs.950 823.09 NA Talktime Rs.823.09 Recharge
Rs.960 831.78 NA Talktime Rs.831.78 Recharge
Rs.970 840.48 NA Talktime Rs.840.48 Recharge
Rs.980 849.17 NA Talktime Rs.849.17 Recharge
Rs.990 857.87 NA Talktime Rs.857.87 Recharge
Rs.1000 866.57 NA Full Talk value offer equal to Rs1000 on 18.11.2016 and 19.11.2016. Recharge
Rs.1010 875.26 NA Talktime Rs.875.26 Recharge
Rs.1020 883.96 NA Talktime Rs.883.96 Recharge
Rs.1030 892.65 NA Talktime Rs.892.65 Recharge
Rs.1040 901.35 NA Talktime Rs.901.35 Recharge
Rs.1050 910.04 NA Talktime Rs.910.04 Recharge
Rs.1060 918.74 NA Talktime Rs.918.74 Recharge
Rs.1070 927.43 NA Talktime Rs.927.43 Recharge
Rs.1080 936.13 NA Talktime Rs.936.13 Recharge
Rs.1090 944.83 NA Talktime Rs.944.83 Recharge
Rs.1100 953.52 NA Talk value offer equal to Rs. 1200 w.e.f 04.04.2016 Recharge
Rs.1500 1301.35 NA Talktime Rs.1301.35 Recharge
Rs.2000 1736.13 NA Talk value offer Rs.2300 from 12.01.2017 to 18.01.2017 Recharge
Rs.2200 1910.04 NA Full talk value offer w.e.f 05.04.2016 Recharge
Rs.2500 2170.91 NA Full talk value offer w.e.f 05.04.2016 Recharge
Rs.3000 2605.7 NA Full talk value offer w.e.f 05.04.2016 Recharge
Rs.3300 2866.57 NA Talk value offer equal to Rs3500 Recharge
Rs.5000 4344.83 Unlimited 4344.83 Talktime on topup of Rs.5000 Recharge
Rs.5500 4779.61 NA Talk value offer equal to Rs6000 Recharge