BSNL STD Recharge Plans Uttar Pradesh(West) & Uttarakhand

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.36 0 6 Days OG(Local and STD) while in roaming at 70paisa per min Recharge
Rs.43 9 30 Days Rs 9 Talktime and 300min local or STD BSNL Night calls. Recharge
Rs.49 11 30 Days Local or STD BSNL calls during Night at 0.05 per Min and Rs.11 Talktime. Recharge
Rs.58 0 8 Days 5600 Seconds Local or STD calls to any network Recharge
Rs.82 20 30 Days 800 minutes Local/STD onnet night plus Rs.20 usage value Recharge
Rs.84 24 60 Days All STD voice Calls at Rs.0.35 per min plus Talk value of Rs.24 Recharge
Rs.91 0 30 Days 120minutes free outgoing Voice Calls to any network and 40 free SMS to any network in Roaming for 1 Month. Recharge
Rs.111 90 20 Days Rs.90 Talktime and 70 minutes free talk time for local STD BSNL calls. Recharge
Rs.119 0 28 Days Unlimited local/STD BSNL to BSNL with 300MB data Recharge
Rs.125 0 30 Days Free 177 minutes anynet(local/STD/On-net/Off-net)in Home LSA Free data 200MB available in Home LSA and while Roaming Free SMS100 (local/National/On-net/Off-net)available in Home LSA and while Roaming Recharge
Rs.135 0 28 Days 275 min free to any network (Local/STD) Recharge
Rs.142 0 30 Days U/L On?net (local/STD) voice calls + U/L Off-net * (local/STD) voice calls (in Home LSA Only).* The Free off-net (Local/STD) voice calls is limited to 20min/day.This STV is applicable only for all free plan-149 customers. Recharge
Rs.146 25 30 Days 1800 minutes Local/STD BSNL voice call at Night(11PM to 6AM)and Rs.25 talk time in main account Recharge
Rs.148 0 30 Days Free 1800 Min Local/STD Onnet calls (11PM to 6 AM) Recharge
Rs.159 0 30 Days Free 20300 Sec Loc or STD calls to any network Recharge
Rs.164 0 5 Days Unlimited Local or STD BSNL calls for 5 Days Recharge
Rs.201 0 28 Days 26800 sec free to any network (Local/STD) Recharge
Rs.339 0 28 Days Unlimited Local/STD BSNL to BSNL + Local/STD BSNL to others:25min/day and 25 p/m after 25min/day + Unlimited data(with FUP of 3GB per day with no speed restricion and thereafter with speed restriction of 80kbps) Recharge
Rs.348 0 28 days Unlimited voice(local/std)calls in Home LSA. 2GB data without speed restriction after 2GB speed limited to 80kbps Recharge
Rs.359 0 60 Days 52000 Seconds Local or STD calls to any network for 2 Months Recharge
Rs.394 0 71 Days Free 3000min on net voice (local/std) + free 1800min off net voice (local+std) after free min call charge @20p/min) in home LSA +2 GB/day (speed reduced to 80kbps after 2GB/day) Recharge
Rs.449 0 84 Days 1400 min Local or STD calls to any network Recharge
Rs.574 0 30 Days Unlimited Local onnet plus 500 mins(local plus std)any net Recharge
Rs.699 0 28 Days Unlimited Local/STD Voice calls to BSNL free for 28 days. Recharge
Rs.1402 1402 30 Days Rs.1402 Usage value in main account + All national voice calls at 0.9 paisa per sec tariff for 30days + 250 MB data for 30 days + 250 SMS any network for 30 days. Recharge