Idea Gujarat 3G Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.11 0 1Days DataBenifits: 45MB 3G/4G.Overage: 4p/10KB. Recharge
Rs.29 0 28Days DataBenifits: 250 MB 3G/4G.Overage: 4p/10KB. Recharge
Rs.54 0 28Days DataBenifits: 500MB 3G/4G.Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge
Rs.62 0 15Days DataBenifits: 250 MB 3G/4G data Upto 5GB data subject to time of recharge by customer..Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge
Rs.99 0 28Days DataBenifits: 1GB 3G/4G.Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge
Rs.149 123.27 28Days Talktime: Rs.123.27. 100 MB 4G/3G DATA.. Recharge
Rs.187 0 28Days DataBenifits: 2GB..Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge
Rs.267 0 28Days DataBenifits: 3GB..Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge
Rs.296 50 28Days Talktime: Rs.50.00. 1GB 3G DATA. Post 1GB DATA charge at 4p/10KB.. Recharge
Rs.457 0 28Days DataBenifits: 5GB..Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge
Rs.797 0 28Days DataBenifits: 10GB..Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge
Rs.997 0 365Days DataBenifits: 10GB 3G/4G..Overage: 4P/10KB. Recharge