Idea Gujarat Talktime Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.7 0 1 Night Unlimited Local Night I2I free (12AM-6AM), *369*7# Recharge
Rs.10 7.47 NA Talkime of Rs.7.47 Recharge
Rs.20 14.95 NA Talkime of Rs.14.95 Recharge
Rs.25 18.69 2Days Talktime: Rs.18.69. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11pm - 6 am). Recharge
Rs.30 22.42 NA Talkime of Rs.22.42 Recharge
Rs.33 24.97 2Days Talktime: Rs.24.97. 2 Local Night I2I SMS(11pm-6am). Recharge
Rs.40 30.90 NA Talkime of Rs.30.90 Recharge
Rs.41 31.75 2Days Talktime: Rs.31.75. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM). Recharge
Rs.49 38.53 2Days Talktime: Rs.38.53. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM). Recharge
Rs.50 39.37 NA Talkime of Rs.39.37 Recharge
Rs.55 43.61 2Days Talktime: Rs.43.61. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11pm - 6 am). Recharge
Rs.60 47.85 NA Talkime of Rs.47.85 Recharge
Rs.66 52.93 2Days Talktime: Rs.52.93. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM). Recharge
Rs.70 56.32 NA Talkime of Rs.56.32 Recharge
Rs.75 60.56 2Days Talktime: Rs.60.56. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM). Recharge
Rs.78 63.10 2Days Talktime: Rs.63.10. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM). Recharge
Rs.80 64.80 NA Talkime of Rs.64.80 Recharge
Rs.90 73.27 NA Talkime of Rs.73.27 Recharge
Rs.91 65.64 2Days Talktime: Rs.65.64. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM). Recharge
Rs.95 77.51 2Days Talktime: Rs.77.51. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11pm - 6 am). Recharge
Rs.100 81.75 NA Talkime of Rs.81.75 Recharge
Rs.110 90 NA Magic TT 90 - 140, Magic Recharge. Customer gets surprise talktime between Rs.90 to Rs.140. Recharge
Rs.130 107.17 NA Talkime of Rs.107.17 Recharge
Rs.140 115.64 NA Talkime of Rs.115.64 Recharge
Rs.149 123.27 28Days Talktime: Rs.123.27. 100 MB 4G/3G DATA.. Recharge
Rs.151 151 2Days Talktime: Rs.151.00. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM).. Recharge
Rs.160 132.59 NA Talkime of Rs.132.59 Recharge
Rs.165 136.83 2Days Talktime: Rs.136.83. 2 Local Night I2I SMS (11PM - 6 AM).. Recharge
Rs.170 141.07 NA Talkime of Rs.141.07 Recharge
Rs.180 149.54 NA Talkime of Rs.149.54 Recharge
Rs.190 158.02 NA Talkime of Rs.158.02 Recharge
Rs.210 174.97 NA Talkime of Rs.174.97 Recharge
Rs.220 183.44 NA Talkime of Rs.183.44 Recharge
Rs.230 191.92 NA Talkime of Rs.191.92 Recharge
Rs.240 200.39 NA Talkime of Rs.200.39 Recharge
Rs.250 208.86 NA Talkime of Rs.208.86 Recharge
Rs.260 217.34 NA Talkime of Rs.217.34 Recharge
Rs.270 225.81 NA Talkime of Rs.225.81 Recharge
Rs.280 234.29 NA Talkime of Rs.234.29 Recharge
Rs.290 242.76 NA Talkime of Rs.242.76 Recharge
Rs.296 50 28Days Talktime: Rs.50.00. 1GB 3G DATA. Post 1GB DATA charge at 4p/10KB.. Recharge
Rs.310 259.71 NA Talkime of Rs.259.71 Recharge
Rs.320 268.19 NA Talkime of Rs.268.19 Recharge
Rs.330 276.66 NA Talkime of Rs.276.66 Recharge
Rs.350 293.61 NA Talkime of Rs.293.61 Recharge
Rs.360 310.04 NA Talkime of Rs.310.04 Recharge
Rs.400 335.98 NA Talkime of Rs.335.98 Recharge
Rs.510 429.20 NA Talkime of Rs.429.20 Recharge
Rs.600 505.47 NA Talkime of Rs.505.47 Recharge
Rs.650 547.85 NA Talkime of Rs.547.85 Recharge
Rs.700 590.22 NA Talkime of Rs.590.22 Recharge
Rs.750 632.59 NA Talkime of Rs.632.59 Recharge
Rs.800 674.97 NA Talkime of Rs.674.97 Recharge
Rs.850 717.34 NA Talkime of Rs.717.34 Recharge
Rs.899 899 60Days Talktime: Rs.899.00. USA and CaUnrestrictedda@ Rs 0.99 p/min , ChiUnrestricted , New Zealand(F) and UK(F)@ Rs 1.49 p/min , Hong Kong , Singapore and Thailand@ Rs 1.99 p/min , Bangladesh and Malaysia@ Rs 2.49 p/min , Kuwait@ Rs 5.49 p/min , Bahrain and Nepal@ Rs 5.99 p/min , Pakistan@ Rs 5.99 p/min , Australia@ Rs 6.49 p/min , France@ Rs 6.99 p/min , Saudi Arabia@ Rs 6.99 p/min , Italy, Kenya, South Africa and Zambia@ Rs 7.49 p/min , UAE@ Rs 8.49 p/min. Recharge
Rs.900 759.71 NA Talkime of Rs.759.71 Recharge
Rs.950 802.08 NA Talkime of Rs.802.08 Recharge
Rs.1200 1013.95 NA Talkime of Rs.1013.95 Recharge
Rs.1300 1098.69 NA Talkime of Rs.1098.69 Recharge
Rs.1400 1183.44 NA Talkime of Rs.1183.44 Recharge
Rs.1500 1268.19 NA Talkime of Rs.1268.19 Recharge
Rs.1600 1352.93 NA Talkime of Rs.1352.93 Recharge
Rs.1700 1437.68 NA Talkime of Rs.1437.68 Recharge
Rs.1800 1522.42 NA Talkime of Rs.1522.42 Recharge
Rs.1900 1607.17 NA Talkime of Rs.1607.17 Recharge
Rs.2100 1776.66 NA Talkime of Rs.1776.66 Recharge
Rs.2200 1861.41 NA Talkime of Rs.1861.41 Recharge
Rs.2300 1946.15 NA Talkime of Rs.1946.15 Recharge
Rs.2400 2030.90 NA Talkime of Rs.2030.90 Recharge
Rs.2500 2115.64 NA Talkime of Rs.2115.64 Recharge
Rs.2600 2200.39 NA Talkime of Rs.2200.39 Recharge
Rs.2700 2285.14 NA Talkime of Rs.2285.14 Recharge
Rs.2800 2369.88 NA Talkime of Rs.2369.88 Recharge
Rs.2900 2454.63 NA Talkime of Rs.2454.63 Recharge
Rs.3000 2539.37 NA Talkime of Rs.2539.37 Recharge
Rs.3500 2963.10 NA Talkime of Rs.2963.10 Recharge
Rs.4000 3386.83 NA Talkime of Rs.3386.83 Recharge
Rs.4500 3810.56 NA Talkime of Rs.3810.56 Recharge
Rs.5000 4234.29 NA Talkime of Rs.4234.29 Recharge
Rs.5500 4658.02 NA Talkime of Rs.4658.02 Recharge
Rs.6000 5081.75 NA Talkime of Rs.5081.75 Recharge
Rs.6500 5505.47 NA Talkime of Rs.5505.47 Recharge
Rs.7000 5929.20 NA Talkime of Rs.5929.20 Recharge
Rs.7500 6352.93 NA Talkime of Rs.6352.93 Recharge
Rs.8000 6776.66 NA Talkime of Rs.6776.66 Recharge
Rs.8500 7200.39 NA Talkime of Rs.7200.39 Recharge
Rs.9000 7624.12 NA Talkime of Rs.7624.12 Recharge
Rs.9500 8047.85 NA Talkime of Rs.8047.85 Recharge
Rs.10000 8471.58 NA Talkime of Rs.8471.58 Recharge