Idea Haryana Talktime Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.10 7.47 NA Talkime of Rs.7.47 Recharge
Rs.20 14.95 NA Talkime of Rs.14.95 Recharge
Rs.30 22.42 NA Talkime of Rs.22.42 Recharge
Rs.40 30.90 NA Talkime of Rs.30.90 Recharge
Rs.41 32.81 2Days Talktime: Rs.32.81. 5 Local Idea Night SMS. Recharge
Rs.44 35.43 2Days Talktime: Rs.35.43. 5 Local Idea Night SMS. Recharge
Rs.50 39.37 NA Talkime of Rs.39.37 Recharge
Rs.57 57 14Days Talktime: Rs.57.00. 1p/s Local /STD Calls 14 Days. Recharge
Rs.60 47.85 NA Talkime of Rs.47.85 Recharge
Rs.70 56.32 NA Talkime of Rs.56.32 Recharge
Rs.80 65 NA 65 to 100, Magic Recharge. Customer gets surprise talktime between Rs.65 to Rs.100 Recharge
Rs.90 73.27 NA Talkime of Rs.73.27 Recharge
Rs.100 81.75 NA Talkime of Rs.81.75 Recharge
Rs.110 90.22 NA Talkime of Rs.90.22 Recharge
Rs.130 107.17 NA Talkime of Rs.107.17 Recharge