Idea Full Talktime Recharge Plans Chhattisgarh

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.200 200 NA 200 Talktime on recharge of Rs.200 Recharge
Rs.220 220 NA Talktime Rs.220 Recharge
Rs.225 225 NA Rs. 225 Full Talktime. Tariff Benefit: (5 Local I2I Night SMS (11PM to 6AM) Valid for 1 Day Recharge
Rs.250 250 NA Rs 250.00 will be credited to your account Recharge
Rs.330 335 NA 335.00 Talktime on recharge of Rs.330 Recharge
Rs.350 350 NA 350.00 Talktime on recharge of Rs.350 Recharge
Rs.500 500 NA Talktime Rs.500.00 Recharge
Rs.550 570 NA 570.00 Talktime on recharge of Rs.550 Recharge
Rs.786 825 NA Rs. 825Full Talktime. Additional Benefit: Tariff Benefit: (5 Local I2I Night SMS (11PM to 6AM). Applicable to All Prepaid Plans valid for 1 Day Recharge
Rs.1000 1000 NA Talktime Rs.1000.00 Recharge
Rs.1100 1155 NA 1155.00 Talktime on recharge of Rs.1100 Recharge
Rs.1500 1500 NA Talktime Rs.1500.00 Recharge
Rs.2000 2000 NA 2000.00 Talktime on recharge of Rs.2000 Recharge