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1,572 of 4.2's plethora of services can now be accessed through an app. Available in iOS, Android, Windows and the Blackberry format - the app is a one-stop shop for all your recharge, billing, and bus travel booking needs. And it's all just a free download away!

The makers of the app have worked hard to ensure all-round customer satisfaction. All versions of the recharge app are not just easy-to-use but also dynamic and secure so that every purchase is a breeze. The app is also engineered in a way where it does not hamper the performance of your phone, is light-weight and is exceedingly responsive.

When downloading the iOS version of the app, you will be delighted that the app is suited perfectly to iOS 7 and later versions. Best optimised for iPhone 5, the app can also be downloaded on to recent iTouch and iPad devices as well.

For Android Users, the App is available on the Google Play Store for free download. With the utility recharge app ensures that you stay connected to your world by helping you recharge in the easiest possible way. Moreover, the Android app also allows you to recharge without an internet connection using the Reloadcash feature.

Users with a smartphone equipped with a Windows 8.1 version can also avail the recharge app. To function smoothly, the app will, however, require an internet connection.

For those using a Blackberry with a minimum OS version of 10.0 can download the app from Blackberry Appworld.

Additionally our App is available on Amazon Appstore for Android and offers all the attractive features that other versions have.

Since its recent launch, the Reload app has won rave reviews from its audience. Download it now to enjoy uninterrupted recharge and other great services!