Reliance GSM Full Talktime Recharge Plans Jharkhand

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.60 60 NA Full Talktime Rs.60 Recharge
Rs.80 80 NA Full Talk time Rs.80 Recharge
Rs.110 110 NA Full Talktime Rs.110 Recharge
Rs.150 150 NA Full Talktime Rs.150 Recharge
Rs.222 230 NA 230 Talktime on recharge of Rs.222 Recharge
Rs.333 340 NA Full Talk time of Rs 340 Recharge
Rs.444 488 NA Talk time of Rs 488 Recharge
Rs.500 600 NA 600 Talktime on recharge of Rs.500 Recharge
Rs.555 600 NA Talk time of Rs 600 Recharge