Reliance GSM Jharkhand Talktime Recharge Plans

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.10 7.7 NA Talktime of Rs.7.7 Recharge
Rs.20 15.39 NA Rs.15.39 will be credited to your account Recharge
Rs.30 23.09 NA 23.09 Talktime on recharge of Rs.30 Recharge
Rs.40 31.78 NA Talktime of Rs.31.78 Recharge
Rs.50 40.48 NA Rs.48.8 will be credited to your account Recharge
Rs.90 75.26 NA Talktime of Rs.75.26 Recharge
Rs.100 83.96 NA 83.96 Talktime on recharge of Rs.100 Recharge
Rs.110 92.65 NA Full Talktime Rs.92.65 Recharge
Rs.120 101.35 NA 101.35 Talktime on recharge of Rs.120 Recharge
Rs.200 170.91 NA 170.91 Talktime on recharge of Rs.171.67 Recharge
Rs.300 257.87 NA 257.87 Talktime on recharge of Rs.300 Recharge
Rs.400 344.83 NA You will get Rs. 344.83 Talktime Recharge