Vodafone Local Recharge Plans Chhattisgarh

Price Talktime Validity Description
Rs.9 0 1day 15 Local Mobile Minutes Recharge
Rs.14 0 2days 25 Local/STD Mobile Minutes Recharge
Rs.15 0 28days Local Mobile Calls @ 1p/sec Recharge
Rs.22 0 11days Local Mobile Calls @1.4p/2sec Recharge
Rs.28 0 3days Local Vodafone calls@10p/min and Local Mob Calls&STD Mob calls@30p/min Recharge
Rs.29 0 5days 70 Local Vodafone Minutes Recharge
Rs.36 0 12days Local Vodafone Calls @20p/min Recharge
Rs.41 0 30days Local Vodafone Calls @30p/min Recharge
Rs.44 0 7days 110 Local Vodafone Minutes Recharge
Rs.45 0 7days 80 Local Mobile Minutes Recharge
Rs.49 0 28days Local Mobile Calls @35p/min Recharge
Rs.54 0 14days Local Vodafone Calls @15p/min Recharge
Rs.59 0 84days Local Vodafone Calls @1.4p/2sec, Other Local Mobiles @1.8p/2sec Recharge
Rs.72 0 28days Local Vodafone Calls @20p/min Recharge
Rs.92 0 28days Local Vodafone Calls @15p/min Recharge
Rs.97 0 56days Local calls @35p/min Recharge
Rs.99 0 28days 200 Local Minutes Recharge
Rs.102 0 90days Local Vodafone Calls @30p/min Recharge
Rs.119 0 14days 340 Local Vodafone Minutes Recharge
Rs.198 0 28days 500 Local Minutes Recharge
Rs.288 20 28days Rs.20TT +(1GB 3G Core data +500MB 3G Night Data + 1 Vodafone Buddy @20p/min)- 28 days +Vodafone Premium Music Subscription for 2 months +1.2p/Sec for 90 days + Data Loan of 60 MB for 2 days.Recovery applicable of Rs 20 Recharge
Rs.299 0 28days 3000 Local Vodafone Minutes Recharge
Rs.349 0 28days Unlimited Local V-V Calls Recharge
Rs.599 0 28days Unlimited Local Vodafone Calls + 1200 Minutes to Vodafone STD Mobiles Recharge